What are 3 Factors to Look for in an Industrial Pressure Controller?

Not all testing and calibration happens in a lab. In an industrial setting, a pressure controlling calibrator needs to be versatile, durable and fast. Keeping up with manufacturing timelines (while providing precise readings) is critical.

Energy, automotive and sensor manufacturing industries all depend on automation and constant production in order to maintain their through-put goals and run as efficiently as possible. Pressure testing, verification and calibration in these settings must keep up with this level of production. Three key elements to consider when looking for an industrial pressure controller for end-of-line testing and verification are speed, reliability and robustness.

1. Speed

It’s obvious that one of the keys to maximizing through-put in a factory is speed. While many controllers are purposely built for lab calibration in order to maximize accuracy, industrial pressure controllers often need to be optimized for other features, such as speed.

Mensor’s CPC3050 High-Speed Pressure Controller is specially designed with speed in mind. Its regulator allows us to meet the demand for a single pressure controller — performing three-point verification in under ten seconds. This makes it the fastest offering in Mensor’s line of pressure controllers.

2. Reliability

If you don’t have time to do it right, you don’t have time to do it twice. When seconds count, getting a reliable reading the first time is critical.

Internally the CPC3050 is outfitted with the industry-leading Mensor transducers — widely characterized and calibrated for high precision in their specified range. The CPR3050 transducers have customizable ranges with an accuracy of 0.020% FS. This allows for configurations that will maximize the total uncertainty ratio throughout the controller range.


Control stability is often forgotten when factoring calibration time, however, overshoot and oscillation can significantly slow down sensor verification. The bottom line? Quicker set-point means faster feedback. The CPC3050 can reach pressure points throughout its range of 3000 psi with minimal overshoot and oscillation to reach a stable and immediate reading.

3. Robustness

A pressure controller needs to be durable enough to last in an industrial setting and have the endurance to keep up with production. The CPC3050 can be specified for an existing calibration rack or setup in a rugged chassis as a desktop instrument.

When it comes to around-the-clock production, the regulator sets the CPC3050 apart from the competition. Its components are made from a combination of tungsten carbide and ceramic material that can perform high-speed pressure control and calibration 24 hours a day.

For industrial production, processing and manufacturing — your calibration equipment needs to be as tough and efficient as its work environment. Mensor’s CPC3050 High-Speed Pressure Controller meets the demands of a fast paced, rugged setting while meeting the quality standards of Mensor’s calibration technology.

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