Pressure Products That Mensor Can Calibrate But Didn't Make

Mensor is a known leader in the calibration industry—especially when it comes to our calibration capabilities. Make us your one-stop shop when you need to recalibrate your pressure controllers. Industry leaders using various brands of pressure controllers (such as Fluke, Druck, or Additel) trust Mensor to recalibrate all of their devices in a timely manner. Take a look at just four of the calibration products Mensor can calibrate below. 

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Additel Digital Pressure Gauges 

Additel’s Digital Pressure Gauges are some of the more common devices sent in for calibration. This pressure gauge is used for a wide range of pressure applications, including vacuum pressure. Mensor can calibrate this device with ease, as this product's best accuracy is 0.02% full span. Our familiarity with this accuracy class stems from the fact that most of our products offer an accuracy of 0.02% full span or better. 


Ashcroft DG25 Digital Pressure Gauge  

The Ashcroft DG25 is another digital pressure gauge that can also be found at Mensor for recalibration purposes. This pressure instrument is primarily used for equipment in the OEM sector, which usually serves the automotive and IT industries, where we have an impactful presence. This instrument can reach up to levels of 25,000 psi. Mensors CPG2500 Digital Pressure Gauge can easily handle this range, as it can measure ranges up to 42,000 psi.  

GE Druck Pace 5000/6000

Druck’s Pace 5000 and 6000 pressure controllers are single and dual channel instruments that can attain high precision for industrial and testing applications. It’s very important that this device is calibrated on a regular basis so it can consistently perform its pressure control, which is generally found in the same applications as:  

Mensor’s CPC3050 pressure controller. 


Fluke Ruska 7250 Series Controllers

The Fluke 7250 pressure controllers are known for their control stability while utilizing multiple sensors. These calibrators can measure up to 3,000 psi, similar to our CPC4000. Since this is a pressure range we are very familiar with, it allows us to calibrate your device and get it back to you within a short amount of time.  

Learn more about Mensor's CPC4000

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These four instruments are examples of the many pressure devices that Mensor is capable of calibrating. It’s one of the details that supports us as a leader in the calibration technology industry. For a full list of what we calibrate, enter your email address below:

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