Have you tried this (little known) feature on the Mensor CPC6050 Pressure Controller?

This handy—but little known—feature on the CPC6050 Pressure Controller can help you cut energy costs, automate your process, and monitor the status of input channels. 


The digital input/output (DIO) feature is optional on Mensor’s CPC6050 Pressure Controller. Each of the CPC650’s control channels have a DIO port with three electrical inputs and outputs. These can be used through the Digital I/O Application in the instrument’s software. Each of the digital inputs/outputs can also be read/set using remote commands. 


Input Uses 

The Digital I/O Application can be used to let the CPC6050 monitor the status of the input channels without having to poll the instrument for the input status. First apply an electrical input to a digital input, then the CPC6050 will perform one of these user-selectable functions: 

  • Go into the Measure mode 
  • Go into Control mode 
  • Go into Vent mode 
  • Lock the touch screen 
  • Start an internal program 
  • Trigger a new reading 

Here are some of the things you can do using the Digital I/O Application for input: 

  • Lock the touch screen once a test has been started to keep a user from altering the CPC6050 during the test 
  • Use an external pressure switch to vent the entire system in case of an overpressure event 
  • Go into control once an oven has reached a temperature set point 

 The Switch Test Application gives users a quick and easy way to test pressure switches. This application works by using the digital inputs to determine when a pressure switch opens or closes. The user can configure the pressure rate of the controller and a different pressure rate once the controlled pressure is close to the range of the switch. 

 The digital inputs are triggered by a signal from 2.5 to 30 VDC, and a current of 0.5 to 15 mA. They are isolated from the rest of the instrument through an optocoupler. This is the schematic for each digital input: 

electronic specfications input


 Output Uses 

The Digital I/O Application can also activate the digital output automatically during any of these circumstances: 

  • Control pressure is stable 
  • The controller requires the use of a vacuum source to control sub-atmospheric pressures 
  • The CPC6050 is put into the Measure mode 
  • The CPC6050 is put into the Control mode 
  • The CPC6050 is put into the Vent mode 
  • The CPC6050 is put into the Standby mode 

Here are some of the things you can do using the Digital I/O Application for output: 

  • Make a reading of a pressure sensor when a known pressure is applied to it 
  • Save energy costs by only running a vacuum pump with the CPC6050 needs it 
  • Open valves to a controlled volume when the CPC6050 is put into control mode 

The digital outputs are open drain, low-side drivers connected to the drain of an N-channel MOSFET, that can sink up to 30 VDC at 0.5A. 

 digital output visual

Each channel can be configured with a standard digital I/O connector (left side) or one ACPS connector (right) which is a special connection specifically designed to control our Automatic Contamination Prevention System.
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Learn more about the capabilities and functions of Mensor’s CPC6050 Pressure Controller by clicking the link below:

CPC6050 Pressure Controller


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