What are STEP Files and How Are They Used?

Just like a good pair of shoes, you have to make sure equipment will fit before purchasing it for your calibration lab. You can look at an image and get an idea of scale, but images can be deceiving. That is why manufacturers provide STEP files in their technical documentation so before you buy, you can make sure the dimensions of your new pressure calibration instrumentation will fit in the allotted space you have set aside for it.

STEP is an acronym for “Standard for Exchange of Product data”. At Mensor and WIKA they are used to give our customers a 3-D model of an instrument or component.

STEP Files, developed and defined in the ISO-10303 standard, are 3-D files that are used to represent the spatial dimensions of a product. They were developed to provide product data that is independent of any particular design system. STEP files can be imported and integrated into most, if not all, computer aided design (CAD) programs.

Customers use STEP files when planning the integration of products or components into calibration laboratories, instrument shops, or production. They are used to give a preview of space requirements for integration into larger systems and can be easily placed within drawings to validate the design. The detailed multi-dimensional properties and visualization aspects of a STEP file can facilitate a smooth error free integration.

On the Mensor website STEP files can be found on each product page, where they are available, in the download tab under the heading “3D Data”.

Below are visualizations of a STEP file for the Mensor CPC6050 Modular Pressure Controller. These files can be viewed and integrated using common CAD programs. Some third party viewers are also available online.





Mensor and WIKA provide STEP Files to our customers and prospects to facilitate integration into laboratories, instrument racks, calibration benches, and production line. Visit our website to download a STEP file for your next project.



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