What are the Different Purposes for Each Level of Hydraulic Pressure?

Hydraulic pressure is a critical source for manufacturers to consistently generate pressure throughout a closed system, but it’s important to know the different applications for various pressure ranges. Hydraulic systems can be used at relatively low pressures in the 10’s and 100’s of psi and go up to 50,000+ psi! With this in mind, it is important to know which range of hydraulic pressure controller is most efficient for the calibration of your devices. In addition to pressure ranges, knowing the working environment of the pressure gauge, transducer or transmitter is just as critical. This may help determine the type of hydraulic fluid that is best for your process. The CPC8000-H Hydraulic Pressure Controller is used to generate hydraulic pressure and works with various media, the most common being water and Sebacate oil.

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Lower Levels  

There are a wide range of applications that use hydraulic pressure, but only need a few thousand psi to fulfill their need. In cases where systems have a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi or lower, the CPC8000-H Low Pressure version is an ideal solution. This device will generate pressure from 75 psi up to 10,000 psi at a very high level of accuracy up to 0.008% of reading.


The automotive industry is well known for its use of hydraulic systems from brake systems in standard vehicles to the earth moving systems in tractors. Pressure measuring or fluid carrying components in these systems can be tested and calibrated using the LP version, as they are typically under 10,000 psi.

Higher Levels  

Sometimes you must go big to get your goal accomplished. The high pressure (HP) version of the CPC8000-H will generate pressure from 290 psi up to 58,000 psi, but still considered much safer than pneumatic systems. If you’re not in an industry that requires high pressure systems, it’s hard to wrap your mind around why anyone would need that much pressure, but there are many applications in the aerospace, automotive and oil refinery industries that require this range of pressure.

In diesel engine combustion testing, pressures reach upwards of 20,000 psi. Hydraulic calibrators are often used to test the accuracy of measuring devices for these applications. The oil and gas industry relies on accurate, high pressure gauge or transmitter readings to optimize the refining process. Aerospace testing often uses high pressure sensing equipment to safety test fuel systems before being used on multimillion dollar equipment. The use of highly accurate hydraulic controllers allows them to be confident that their system can contain extreme pressures prior to be confident that their system can contain extreme pressures prior to implementation.

Mensor offers the perfect solution for your hydraulic pressure needs with the CPC8000-H Hydraulic Pressure Controller. It has a wide range of pressure generation and still maintains a control stability of 0.005% of Full Span while having accuracies of 0.008% of reading. This hydraulic pressure controller can generate pressure points as low as 75 psi, while still reaching as high as 23,000 psi, and soon it will experience a boost in maximum pressure levels above 50,000 psi! Right now, you can click the button below to get familiar with hydraulic pressure and decide which pressure range will best suit your need.  

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