Pressure Calibration Instruments: Controllers, Indicators, Transducers

It’s easy to get confused by the number and type of calibration and measurement products in the market today, especially when some of the technical specifications such as pressure range and measurement accuracy are similar.

This is often the case with a pressure controller, pressure indicator and a pressure transducer. Although each of these pressure calibration instruments has some similar specifications, they often fulfill different requirements.


Pressure Controllers

A pressure controller’s most desirable feature is its ability to be a source of accurate measurement as well as pressure regulation. This allows smooth operation in applications sensitive to pressure supply change.  A pressure controller (also referred to as a pressure calibrator) is capable of performing a completely automated calibration with its internal program sequences, allowing the user an efficient secondary reference standard. Some pressure controllers also have dedicated features for special applications such as burst test, switch test and leak test.

Pressure Indicators

A pressure indicator (also known as a pressure gauge) provides accurate pressure measurement and simultaneous indication on a digital display. They usually are more economical and have a smaller footprint as compared to a pressure controller due to the absence of a pressure regulation module. With a more compact design and form factor, pressure indicators make for a great transfer standard or to be used as ambient pressure monitors.

Pressure Transducers

A pressure transducer (sometimes called a pressure sensor) forms the core of a pressure controller and indicator, and is the primary means of measuring accurate pressure. A typical pressure transducer has a small form factor and does not have a digital display, which makes it the most economical solution among the three. Communicating to a pressure transducer is mainly done with a computer using a digital interface like USB or RS-232.  The smaller footprint and remote communication capability enables the pressure transducer to be incorporated as a component in larger pressure sensing systems or manufacturing processes.

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